UH 60 Main Rotor

UH 60 (WIP) Wanted to start out with the main rotor 1st because it seemed the most challenging to make. Modeled inside Zbrush using ZModeler, Array mesh, Live Boolean & Zremesher 3.0, render in Keyshot.


Excellent work, thanks for sharing =)



Thank you Joseph! :smiley:

Amazing work. Thank you for sharing with the community. Are you planning on doing an entire helicopter?

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Thank you Paul! :smiley: yes, planning on making the entire UH 60 Blackhawk. Interior as well.

That would be awesome. I’m actually working on a scifi ship with interior for my streams. I just completed the first stream last week.

If you are at all interested, here is the stream


Oh very cool! I Actually did watch half of this one before I went back to work. Definitely will check out the 2nd half later today. Really enjoy your streams. Always learning something new from them :grinning:

Great work and use of ZBrush’s features @Henry_Chervenka - Looking forward to seeing this amazing start develop :wink:

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Thank you Jaime! :smiley: I will definitely continue to post work in progress renders of the helicopter here.

Great work : )

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Thank you ASTJID! :smiley:

Excellent work. I like whole topology of every pieces. Materials and textures are also very correct. :clap::clap::clap:

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Thank you KRZYSZTOF_GRYZKA! :smiley:

Amazing modelling. Inspirational, I would say.

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Thank you SPYNDEL! :smiley:

Did you intentionally make this MRH a Frankenstein? Just wondering because it’s a mash up from different 60s.

It was intentional… The modeling was all from a UH 60 Blackhawk, but I decided to go with the Seahawk colors as I felt it gave it more visual interest up close. That might change in the final model of the UH 60 Blackhawk.

Awesome, looking forward to see the project develop.

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Oh ok, just wondering because I’m and H-60 mechanic and your work was really interesting and very accurate compared too a lot I’ve seen in video games and TV.


Hey, I am an UH-60A/L/M Maintenance Test Pilot. Great Job! Looks like it’s really coming along. If you’re interested in accuracy, there are a few little issues with your rotor head. You have rotor weights opposing one another, the rotor weights are the small cylindrical pieces you’ve modeled that are close to the blade root itself. We use a system that gives us weight, PC Rod and Trim Tab adjustments necessary to balance the rotor head. Thus we would never want opposing weights, rather we would just remove weights from the opposite side if our system were to ask that we add weight to an opposing blade. Blades and PC rods are marked with colors… Blue, black yellow and red. The other issue is your scissor links. The scissor links attach to the swash plate via a spherical bearing/bushing. This allows them to pivot as inputs are made into the rotor system. Looks like you are pretty talented and have an eye for detail! That’s fantastic. I hope I haven’t discouraged you in any way.