As to the model, it is nearly completed in Zbrush, after use the function Sculptrispro sketch of the model,then use Zremesher2.0 recount the surface of the model, adjust by Zmodeler ,then subdivision and sculpt the details .
MarvelousDesigner to calculating the cloth,then sculpt in zbrush。
Demonstrate UV by using plugin Bridge Rizom UV Zbrush . Zbrush export Normalmap
and Displacementmap ,texture painted in SubstancePainter .
The detail of face using the XYZ Texture by Mari and Zbrush plugin :Zwrap.
and rendering is completed in the Arnold of MAYA .
Post production in Photoshop .
I also used NPR of Zbrush to export some images with the special style.
In the following, I make a breakdown to illustrate the process of my work of some local part.

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